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Parent-Child Dyad Therapy

Parenting is hard!  Babies don't come with instruction manuals and even if they did, what works for one kiddo does not always work for another.  There is a lot of trial and error, but there is also a lot of foundational skills that can help set the stage for success, both for you and for your little one.  There are times when just working alone with the child or simply providing parent coaching isn't enough, most of the time that is because the issue is not a "kid problem" or a "parent problem."  Sometimes the issue is what we call a "goodness of fit" between the parent and the child.  Other times there may be a trauma history in your background or in your child's background that is preventing a safe and secure relationship from developing.  Sometimes your child may have a challenging temperament, they might be highly sensitive or energetic, intense, persistent, or rigid and you may find it difficult to get things done throughout the day without a meltdown.  It can be hard to watch your child struggle, it can feel frustrating to feel like you are fighting over everything, and it can feel heart-wrenching to feel like you can't form the relationship you want with your child. 


Relationship and Attachment based interventions work with the caregiver and the child in tandem to improve the relationship and connection as well as to address the specific behavior and emotional concerns in the child.  Biological parents, foster or adoptive parents, parents of babies who spent time in the NICU, grandparents raising their grandchildren and more can all benefit.

Interventions include:

  • Child Parent Psychotherapy

  • Parent Child Interaction Therapy

  • Parent Infant Psychotherapy

  • Parents Interacting With Infants

  • Circle of Security

You don't have to be perfect, I believe we start with being "good enough."

Father and Son
Child and Adult
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